Running your own business can be lonely and stressful. You will regularly be faced with a multitude of business issues, whether they be strategic thinking, trading decisions, tax planning or administration burdens and in small business you will often be reaching out to others for advice and assistance. At KBA we have many years of experience in professional practice and commerce and are here to help you develop your business and assist you in dealing with the many day to day challenges, either you can’t do or can’t face!

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Our clients include the whole spectrum of business entities, from sole traders, to limited companies and partnerships and we often advise and assist with business start ups. We can also help you consider the various government assistance schemes that are now available to fledgling businesses.

If you’re a small-to-medium sized business, chances are that you don’t have the time or resources to fulfil your bookkeeping and accounting obligations in-house. However, it’s essential that your books and accounts are dealt with accurately and professionally, with all important data submitted to HMRC on time.

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Businesses rely on Cashflow Forecasting to prevent them from going over budget, and to enable them to make their money and resources go as far as they can, however, employing a dedicated in-house team to look after such matters can be costly and restrictive. KBA can help.

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Getting a convincing and detailed business plan in order can be crucial to securing investment in your company, but without expert help from an experienced firm, it can be hard to know where to begin.

Scores of organisations have gone on to enjoy great success with the support of a clear and coercive business plan behind them, so whether you’re a new or established business that is now thinking about its next step and how to get there, maybe a little extra help is all you need.

Businesses that don’t adhere to what is expected of them by HMRC risk facing huge penalties, but many organisations have found themselves in trouble even when attempting to do everything by the book. One of the main reasons for this is that many small-to-medium businesses lack the resources, time or knowledge to attend to their tax-related obligations. Help is at hand.

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If you’re a self-employed individual, chances are that you have regularly found yourself dreading the annual self-assessment deadline. However, it doesn’t need to be this way, and when you outsource your personal tax return to KBA you can carry on doing what you do best safe in the knowledge that we’re being fully compliant with your tax obligations on your behalf. In most cases we save our clients more than we charge!

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Alongside its core accountancy services for UK SMEs, KBA is also a forensic accounting specialist and advisor working in partnership with CNS Risk, an international strategic business consultancy.

CNS provides global clients with risk advice and corporate intelligence services, including fraud investigations; M&A due diligence; asset tracing; FCPA compliance audits; and pre-employment screening.

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